We cannot express enough our gratitude toward Anna and all the teachers at Touchstone Learning. The small class size allows them to meet each child where their abilities lie. They do a great job of bringing up their academic performance and more importantly their self esteem.
Cindy T., of Redwood City
My daughter has both dyslexia and dyscalculia. Having researched and visited many schools in the area that cater to dyslexic children, I truly feel that Anna’s school is the only one that is able to fully understand and address my daughter’s complex learning issues. Anna is passionate about serving her students and goes above and beyond to meet her students’ needs. My daughter has not only progressed academically at Anna’s school, but has developed a strong sense of self and a deep love of learning. I simply can’t imagine her going to school anywhere else.
Susan C., of Mountain View
My son has grown tremendously under her tutelage, both in academic skills and in self-confidence. After a difficult public school experience, he was intensely anxious and lacking confidence in his abilities. Anna’s calm patience, kindness, and ability to teach him at his own pace, while using engaging curriculum, has made a tremendous difference in him. Anna has experience teaching students with reading challenges (like dyslexia) and my son and his peers have made great progress in their reading and in their math. She sees my son’s strengths and helps him to see them, too, and he responds by loving to learn!
Heather R., of Los Altos
Our teacher, Anna Cencioso, teaches reading using the Barton Reading method, which is an Orton-Gillingham-based approach that is appropriate for children with dyslexia (like my son) or without (like my daughter). In short, Anna is skilled at using a multi-sensory approach in all subjects and is a fantastic teacher for all kinds of learners.
Laura C., of Menlo Park
Our daughter has had a fantastic experience with Anna! She has gone above and beyond the scope of any teacher to find out exactly which approach works best with each child. I cannot imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t found someone to care for our daughter as much as she clearly does. She is loving, caring, and kind, but tough when she needs to be. Our daughter respects and trusts her implicitly, which makes for a great learning environment. We are looking forward to a successful school year at Touchstone!
Srutih and Simon C., of Palo Alto
My daughter has been with Anna for the last 2 years. She has made remarkable progress both academically and personally. Anna sees the strength in all of her students and works with them to overcome any challenges that they might have. As my daughter says “Anna is always there to help me when I am having a hard time.” My daughter went from hating to get up in the morning and saying she hated school (in grade 2) to being excited and looking forward to her class every day (grade 4). I highly recommend Anna.
Bonnie K., of Redwood City